3 Easy Solutions to Ad Blindness and Ad Fatigue on Facebook

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Two of the most frustrating issues when running campaign are ads blindness and ads fatigue. They are a big stumbling block for marketers like us when we plan to run a large-scale campaign with a huge budget. In my experience running campaigns for agencies, I have found 3 key strategies to avoid these common pitfalls.

Ads  blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information, and ads fatigue phenomenon means that people who surfs the web and sees the same ads many times tend to get less receptive to the ads over time.

  1. Focus on ads that are engaging
  2. Keep testing and rotate ads
  3. Always monitor
  1. Focus on ads that are engaging.

Always kick start with an engaging ad. People already hate the feeling of being targeted with sales pitch, what more with a boring ads that are being shown repetitively on their Facebook news feed.

The banner above is being used in one of our experiments to acquire Facebook likes. It reaches close to 12% click-through rate because people like the sense of humor in the message.

Another ads copy experiment we did for selling event tickets to entrepreneurs was called “The John Lennon Copy.” It usually started the copy with the word “Imagine,” “Discover” “Picture this.” It works extremely well if you want people to imagine how the offers would benefit them, therefore making them curious and interested to see the offer. In the ad above, we gained about 8% click-through rate.

Below is a list of powerful ad copy strategies that you can try.

  1. Plain copy
  2. Storytelling copy
  3. Conversational copy
  4. John Lennon copy
  5. Long copy
  6. Killer poet copy
  7. Direct from CEO copy
  8. Frank Copy
  9. Superlative copy.
  10. Rejection Copy

For more details on these ad copy strategies, you can follow Demian’s blog about copy writing strategies. http://www.copyblogger.com/good-copywriting/


  1. Keep testing and rotate ads

Testing is one of the key actions to prevent ads fatigue. By adding a few lines of copy,  restructuring your words or simplifying your message, you will see slight changes to click-through rates. Always remember to kick start your ads with two different copies.

This original ads copy had 2.83% click-through rate

This simplified ads copy got 3.182% click-through rate

Over time, you should rotate your best performing ads and keep them fresh. Our approach is to launch 2-3 ads. After day 7, keep one with highest click-through rate and on the 3rd week onwards, pause the current ad and activate the other one.


  1. Always monitor

At brewing.com, our team is always monitoring the ads performance on a daily basis. There are few key indicator to watch out for ads fatigue.


When ads click-through rate is deteriorating over time, you should start to rotate the ads. For us, we usually rotate when the CTR drops by 30% from the average CTR of the first and second day of campaign launch.

We came across one specific campaign where we found out ads fatigue in a different way. It could be the neighbourhood or small city with very small targeting. The indicator of ads fatigue might present itself in a different manner, but most of the time, you can see it because of the unusual CPA statistic. When this happens, you may want to broaden your targeting to surrounding city.


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