7 Secrets to Sell More Seminar Tickets in Facebook

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Whether you are an entrepreneur or business coach, seminar is undoubtedly the best event to introduce your services and getting the people into your end sales funnel.

With the latest technology in social media and ability to reach out to the target audiences easily, a lot of business owners are trying to promote their product or services in Facebook and in this blog entry, I’m going to expose our secrets to sell more seminar seats by taking some case study of our past client.

1. 2 for 1 strategy.
2. Landing page funnel
3. Choosing FB Ads format
4. Facebook Ads copy
5. Facebook Ads banner
6. Targeting
7. Custom Audiences.

One of our client, Streetsmart Marketing is a business consulting company based in Perth, Australia and we launched couple of seminars ads campaign for them.

1. 2 for 1 strategy.

In creating the seminar event, one of the way to get more participants is to have them to bring additional friend or business partner to join them in the seminar. The 2 for 1 strategy is basically selling 2 tickets for the price of 1, so that it will motivates them to bring their friends along. With this strategy alone, we are seeing at least 35% of them bringing their partners to the event. This would be a great strategy if you wanted more participants into your end sales funnel.

2. Landing page funnel. The double leads strategy.

One of the key to run a successful campaign is by breaking down your landing page flow into two parts. Especially if you are running campaigns in Facebook, the first part that you need to focus on is to capture as much email leads as possible. The reason for this is because you can nurture these leads through email newsletter or run some remarketing ad campaigns to remind them about the event.

The second part is usually focused on the seminar tickets. If you’re unfamiliar with landing page optimization, kindly read our landing page anatomy here http://brewinghot.com/lp/

However, if this is your first time creating an event, we would advise you to try out leadpages.net as they have some really good landing page with proven high conversion rate.

3.Choosing the right FB ads format.

In this case of promoting a seminar, you can try a few ads format such as “Clicks to website“ and “Website Conversion”

However, based on our experiment it’s best to launch “Website conversion” ads because you could easily structure your ads campaign to convert more. Take notice that when you setup the ads, do make sure it is bid for conversion rather than bid for clicks / impression.

Reason is because in Facebook ads, they have developed their algorithm to show ads to audience that are more inclined to convert. We had experienced this on our campaign and the result is astonishingly better.

4.Facebook Ad Copies Matters

Remember, you are marketing your services to people who are really online savvy and you need to have a good pitch to convince them to click on the ads.

In an experiment we did for Streetsmart campaign, we did a variation ads of long pitch and short pitch. Towards the end of the result, the long pitch gets 80% of the total conversions.

Here is how our pitch sounds like:

Reason for such a drastic results of short vs long pitch is because, it’s all about the user orientation. We noticed that people tend to attracted to imaginative keywords, clear USP, and concise benefits. You can read more on improving your copywriting on Copyblogger. http://www.copyblogger.com/good-copywriting/

5.Facebook Ads banner

When creating high performing ad banners, its really important that you include what is expected in the offer. If you are promoting the event, try to translate that into the banner design so people wouldn’t have different expectation when land on your page. A very well covered banner ad tips from Ryan Deiss can be found here. http://www.digitalmarketer.com/ad-scent/

6. Facebook Targeting

Now this is the interesting part. Either it will break your campaign or lead you to your seminar success. The mistake that most beginners did was to target general interest because to them, they seems to carry the closest relevancy. If you are promoting financial seminar, the general general interest here would be people who shows interest in “Finance”, “Economics” and etc.

Theoretically, this sounds perfect and make sense, but in actual experiment that we did, these general targeting cost more per clicks and usually ends up very expensive for each conversions. Reason is because there are too many bidders out there targeting these general terms, and also it’s targeting too broad that in actual there are only a few that would buy your service.

Instead, what we would recommend is trying targeting competitors / authors. For example in the same finance seminar, you could target people who likes famous author of financial books such as Robert Kiyosaki or Warren Buffett.

It’s even better if you have a very strong competitor who had good presence in Facebook. One of the greatest campaign I did when I was consulting a Korean gaming company in Malaysia is by targeting their competitors.

Also a key to lowering down cost-per-click is by removing all the filters or segmentation. Once you identified your competitors audience are similar to yours, just show the ads to all of their audience. With this strategy, we managed to get 1 cent per Facebook Likes and less than $2 per sign-up.

7.Custom audiences , the next level strategy.

The fact that Facebook is really good for promoting events is not just the targeting ability, but also their algorithm that enable anyone to create custom audiences and lookalike.

This was rolled out by Facebook on March, 2013. The ‘Look-a-like’ function basically allows you to upload your customers email list and create a larger group of audience with similar online behavior so that you can promote your ads to. It’s not just limited to email list, but you can create lookalike for your fans, your website visitor, emails of those who converted, and so on.

So far if you ask us what is the best audience to promote to, it would be custom audiences and lookalikes.

In most cases, we are seeing 35% to 50% cost reduction in CPA. We even have E-commerce clients that rely solely on custom audiences and lookalike and are converting well!

Hope this blog entry would give a better picture for business owners to run more profitable campaigns on Facebook.