4 Things Business Owners Should Know About SEO Before Hiring Anyone

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You must have heard from your friends or came across any blogs that mention the importance of SEO for business. No doubt on that, even for me being a digital guy for almost 6 years now I would always advise my client to have strong SEO presence before diving into any other marketing channel.

However, I’m being extremely careful when giving out my SEO advice. This is because I’ve seen so many new clients that came to me to revive their website rankings due to unethical SEO done by their previous outsourced vendors.

1. Knowing how SEO works.

You don’t have to be extremely good at technical in order to understand how SEO works. Yes, there are more than few hundreds of optimization involved coding and meta writings, but you need to understand that doing a good SEO is not about spamming or link building, but it’s more about how good is your website experience to people, rather than tricking the search engine about how good your website is.

What are the example of SEO with good website experience?

It’s pretty simple, for example when writing meta descriptions for a your homepage, a good meta descriptions will appear to be very interesting to traffic rather than stuffing keywords into it. In the end, its all about whether people would want to click on it, rather than tricking the search engine.

Our team previously done some experiment to see if “Attractive” meta description will do better than “Keyword Driven” meta description, and in the end the attractive meta description wins with 5% more click through rate.

If you are hiring a SEO vendor or freelancer, you can try run a simple test on writing meta description, this would at least show how they optimise for website.

2. Know your SEO vendor well.

Before hiring any SEO vendor, you need to know how will they rank your website. It will be even better if you have them to breakdown the link building activities. As a common and ethical link buildings are as below.

Social bookmarking
RSS Feed
Article Marketing
Guest blogging

Anything else is fine but you have to ensure it’s not spamming and it abides to natural keyword anchor text rule. After years of dealing with SEO vendors for clients, I noticed that it’s really easy to tell if the vendor is spamming and hurting your website. One way to tell is to check their keyword anchor text and if it’s more than 25%, then you probably need to careful.

3. Content is King and still a King for years to come.

One thing to spot if the SEO vendor really good is if they would take content seriously. From years of optimising campaign and running multiple experiment on content, we managed to get some great ranking results for clients by relying just on content.

A well covered presentation by Rand Fishkin about good seo without link building http://moz.com/blog/is-it-possible-to-have-good-seo-simply-by-having-great-content-whiteboard-friday

It’s not easy and requires a lot of research and preparation for this approach, but if you find any SEO vendor that wants to spearhead content marketing to improve SEO, you probably found a treasure trove.

4. On Page VS Off Page. Which is more important?

If you were to ask me this questions 3 years back, I would say it’s definitely off page. The context here ,off page means link buildings. But right now, Google had evolved so much that On page must not be ignored and its even more important now. These days, our team focused more on onpage than off page. I would say the ratio for on page and off page now is 70% to 30%. So in any circumstances that your SEO vendor say on page is less important, you probably have to find another vendor.

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