Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads

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So you think just by hiring a highly experienced SEO geek will guarantee you lots of leads? Sadly to say that’s not going to be any helpful if your website was never designed to be a lead generating machine. This painful truth will make you understand that SEO alone is not enough.

Before getting a website for your business, think of the long run. Your website shouldn’t just be a web brochure that current and potential clients can come by to learn more about your company and your latest products and services. It’s got to do better than that! Keep your hands off your pocket for the time being and stop throwing out money unnecessarily. Don’t spend it all on your SEO guy or PPC ads for crying out loud! If a revamped website is needed, get it done right away. Be sure to have one that clearly defines who you are without the need of having too many texts. To do so, you’ll need effective designs that can speak for themselves. Branding is the first thing you should focus on because once it is finalised, other essentials may follow. Once your identity is shaped, you can then focus on your target market and identify the things that will attract customers, make them stick around, and come back for more. Below are 5 important things that you need in order to generate more leads:

#1 Calls-To-Action

Just like at the night market, as a seller, you’ve got to call out to people to visit your business today to check out whatever that you can offer them. Your voice has got to be loud and clear – your calls-to-action are your voice. Be unique and show how valuable you are to your customers. Make them feel like they need you. Be sure not to scare your customers away with calls-to-action that are ‘too salesy’. Avoid using too many calls-to-action on a single page. Clickable, flashy animated banners can be annoying too when overused. The less cluttered your page looks like, the better conversions you’ll get.

#2 Unique Selling Propositions

Likewise, you have to make others want you. The only thing that customers are interested in is the benefit that they receive for doing business with you. Give them what they want in exchange for their supports. Use eye-catching rotating images and banners to display your latest offers or “pain points”.

#3 Latest Updates

Nobody likes anything that is dated. You need to constantly update your contents – be it your blog articles, webinars, events and so on. Excite your customers with fresh contents, offers or anything that entertain them or solve their problems. One of the ways how customers can contact you easily is through social media. Have your social buttons to direct them to your social pages to give them better user experience.

#4 Strong Contents

Content is king – something any copywriters will have to agree on. Nobody likes contents that are too long, too boring, outdated or confusing. Make them short and sweet. If your contents don’t deliver the information that customers are looking for, they’ll leave. Using professional, high quality videos to help you deliver your product & services information is also one of the ways to minimise space in your website.

#5 A Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Take Google seriously when they announced that all websites need to be designed in a mobile-friendly manner. Failure to do so will cause your organic search results to decline. People are getting more tech-savvy these days – and they spend a lot of time reading through their gadgets. Therefore, your website has to go mobile too.