How We Helped the World’s Best Low Cost
Airline Recruit Cabin Crews

The Problem

AACE (Formerly known as AirAsia Academy) recruits and trains every AirAsia cabin crews from around the world. This program is a course/certification that trains potential cabin crews so that they stand a much better chance to be recruited into AirAsia or any other world class airliner. The students are required to pay for this course which costs about USD 1200 and this has given AACE difficulty in finding potential cabin crews that are also willing to pay the course fees.

The Results

Within 30 days, we manage to obtain 532 sign-ups for their trial program and eventually plenty of them registered and paid for the full course. Client achieved their ROI within 30 days.

Total Sign ups 532
Cost Per Sign up $1 USD
Client ROI within: 30 Days

Our Strategy & Methodology

Step 1:

Creating Compelling Offer

By understanding the problems the client has and understanding the target audience, we’ve suggested to offer a FREE TRIAL for the cabin crew certification program.

Step 2:

Create conversion based landing page.

The next step was to craft 2 landing pages (for split testing) with compelling copywriting, visually engaging, great user experience (also mobile responsive) with clear call-to-actions.

Step 3:

Targeting & Ad Copies

Based on our research of the target audience, Facebook Ads is the best way to reach out to them. Multiple detailed ‘Interest’ targeting was created and tested with different visuals and ad copies.

Step 4:

Targeting, interest and CPA optimisation.

Once the ads are up and running, we done a variety of A/B split testing on the several landing page, ad copy and Facebook targeting variations. The end result was achieving an average of USD $1 per sign-up at about a 9.6% conversion rate based on website clicks.


Client achieved ROI within the first month and more budget for the next campaign was approved. This campaign was such a success that this campaign model was scaled up from targeting only Malaysia to other countries such as Indonesia and beyond.


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