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Leads generation is one of the most important marketing strategy that we preach to our clients everyday. Although the term is pretty common in the internet industry, not many people are paying enough attention to master and refine this strategy and mostly being distracted with too many online channels to acquire leads.

Our approach that gives ROI within 30 days.

While we don’t absolutely guarantee you that we can achieve ROI for every single business within 30 days, as a Facebook Ads Agency we have achieved this goal for 90% of our clients. This is what some idea of what we do for them to achieve this milestone.

  • Understanding their business and their market persona.
  • Selecting the best channels for leads generation.
  • Choosing the right ads format.
  • Ads copy that matters ( great user orientation )
  • Customizing a unique ad campaign structure.
  • Crafting a great Landing Page (if required)
  • Optimization that reduces 50% cost per lead acquisition.
  • Tracking in multi channel campaigns.
  • Leads Nurturing

Understanding your market persona.

The first step of mastering leads generation is always about knowing your target audience’s market persona, what motivates them to purchase, online behaviour and where they spend most of the time online.

At BrewingHot, we always take the first step to brainstorm with our clients and get the bigger picture of their market persona.

source: Moz.com

Creating your sales funnel & nurturing program.

Upon knowing your market persona and the metrics, the following next step is to create your sales funnel and develop a nurturing program to “move them down from the top funnel to make a purchase.”

Alongside with email marketing and content marketing, we would ensure that leads obtained will be nurtured with the right content and awareness.

The irresistible hook

Depending on what product or service you have, we usually would advise going for a “Tripwire sale” that would turn any prospect into customers. One very good example our client did at StreetSmart Marketing is creating an awesome video interview with world greatest mind in marketing industry and giving out for free, and they only need to pay for the CD delivery cost.

Or let say you are running a web design company, you could do a “Tripwire sale” of redesigning a business logo for $20 dollars and get them into the hook.

The important part of this strategy is to get as much prospect as possible and turn them into a customer, but it’s difficult if they do not know much about you and your offers so having a tripwire sale or similar hook in this context would get them closer to the end funnel.

Landing Pages That Convert

We incorporate conversion based Landing Pages in our Lead Generation campaigns as well. Take a look at our article on Landing page that works. (link to Landing Pages services page)

Choosing The Right Channel

There are many tools and platforms to use for lead generation. It can be Facebook, Google, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and so on. What we do is analyze your business, your target audience, your goals and then select the best channels for your lead generation success.

Every approach is different for each business. Let’s talk to each other first and then we will come up with an analysis of the best channels to generate leads for your business.

Effective Monitoring and Optimization

We don’t just set up your campaign and leave it running! the bulk of the work goes into daily monitoring of campaigns, tweaking, and analyzing the outcome. We then apply the new findings into improving the campaign along the way. Our weekly reports will provide you the insights we have learnt, and the new implementations we will be applying for the week forward.

This way, the campaign constantly improves and you are also constantly aware of the optimizations that we are implementing. We also believe the effective communications with our clients are crucial for the success of a lead generation campaign.


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