PPC Management Agency

Have your ads campaigns managed and optimized by us.

We have over 7 years of experience running online ad campaigns. We have also worked for international Facebook Ads agency agencies and have handled businesses who are multinational corporations, small businesses to startups. Our optimizers are Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified.

Because of our vast diverse client base from many different industries all over the world, and having spent over a million in total ad spend for multiple businesses, we have acquired a unique ability to quickly understand different demographics and needs of your target audience.

If you want to find out how we have helped clients get their ROI in 30 days with our ad management services, please see this page on Lead Generation Services or check out our Case Studies.

Some of the things we do for you in Ad Optimization

Understanding Your Business

We will have a talk with you and understand the nature of your business, and the nature of your target market. We will discuss your goals for your business and this campaign. KPIs, traffic or CPA targets will be discussed at this stage.

In-Depth Target Audience Research

This is where we will ask you a lot of questions on your target market, such as age, location, buying behaviour, average order size and so on. Market Personas will be researched, Keywords, Interested, potential Ad Placements, and promotional mechanisms.

From here on, we will create a media plan proposal for you and we can further refine the targeting approach.

Ad Campaign Structuring & Set Up

Once the channels are confirmed, the ad campaigns will be structured at this stage. Whether if it is setting up a campaign for Facebook Ads, Google Adwords (Search & Display), or Bing, we will use a systematic and well thought approach that has served our clients well.

Conversion tracking will be set up as well, along with analytics tools to monitor performance.

Conversion Based Ad Copywriting & Ad Banners

We will also create conversion based copywriting that resonates with your audience. This can only be done after we understand your target market and try to understand the psychological reasons behind them making a purchase.

Banners for your ad will be created based on solid conversion based principles such as, great call-to-action buttons, eye catching visuals, color combinations and so on. We will create a few variations of ads to enable us to conduct A/B Split Testing. All the ads will be sent to you for approval before we launch them.

Monitoring & Optimization

Once the campaign is launched, this is where the real work begins for us! Daily monitoring and adjusting of ad campaigns are done by our team to ensure your campaigns are on track.

We are transparent in what we do, you will have access to our project management tools that our team uses to discuss on the daily optimization process of your campaigns. We believe that good communication with our clients is one way to optimize even better.

Reporting & Insights

One of our strengths are the ability to delve deep into analytics and data to provide you great insights of your campaigns. Our reports are available weekly for you and it contains charts and graphs, as well as summaries that makes it easier for you to digest. We also provide actionable steps and recommendations that we will make to improve the campaign for the following week.

If you would like to request a sample of our reports, please request for one through the enquiry form.


Let’s talk strategies & get a free consultation with great ideas

We believe in forging long-term relationships with our clients, we want to ensure we can match your desired needs. we like to meet via SKYPE or a private email conversation with you to better understand your need. Fill in your contact details to get started! We hope to hear from you soon!