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Do you have a website for your business? Is that sufficient? What about the visibility of your website? In an increasingly competitive marketplace nowadays, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective ways to promote and grow your business. SEM promote business by increasing website visibility in search engines result pages (SERPS) through optimization and advertisement. SERPS such as – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest and more.

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One of the most popular and frequently used search engine is undoubtedly Google.With SEM, your advertisement will appear across on the top page. This space allows you to advertise to your potential customers when they search for a certain word or phrases (keywords) that is relevant to your business. On top of that, it is paid per click(PPC) – your ad will only be charged when people click on it! Unlike traditional marketing (broucher,billboard,newspaper), SEM targets at people who are already actively searching for your product or service. 


Process & Strategies

With our Google Certified Professionals and experiences in setting up SEM ads that meet business goals – from review/audit site, in-depth keywords research, setting up campaign, keywords results report etc. We are aiming to look at only delivering real results.

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We are well equipped with the knowledge and skills for the best practices of SEM. Our team has been constantly updated with the latest trend, algorithm and have obtained professional accreditation (Google Ads Certified) by Google.

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From doing an in-depth keyword research, ensure the selection of keywords and phrases to optimize your site content. We are targeting to advertise your product or service to the right traffic that goes to your website – web traffic and eventually converts into paying customers. 

Don’t just appear on higher rank of search results, show promotional content (ads) to them – convert them when they click on your ads.

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