How we helped S.Gate
to generate new and targeted game players.

The Problem

S.Gate is a new SEA gaming startup located in Kuala Lumpur and have strong brand presence especially in China with the most played first person shooting game called CrossFire and several other desktop games.

In early 2014, one of the S.Gate desktop game called CMOL needs to recruit new gamers to the newly launched server however in the previous campaign done in house the average cost per new players is about USD8 via Facebook ads.

The goal for this new campaign is to drive down cost per new players to at least 50% and create the hype on the new server to ensure there is more competition and improve on ingame sales.

For this campaign, we proposed to leverage on CMOL’s large fan page with about 60K fans worldwide.

There are about 4 targeting campaign structure within Facebook.

  1. Facebook Fan Page
  2. Look alike fans
  3. Email custom audiences
  4. Email look alike.

The Results

Within 30 days, we acquired 350 new players into the new server and some converted to top 10% paying players for game items.

Total Sign ups 350
Cost Per Sign up $4 USD
Client ROI within: 30 Days

Our Strategy & Methodology

Step 1:

Create conversion based landing page.

Create two high converting landing page with only one Call to Action (CTA) to ensure conversions are optimum.

Step 2:

Targeting and Ads Copies

It was the World cup season during campaign launch and we tried out few ads copy that are relevant to football lovers.

The ads format are as below.

  1. Website conversion
  2. Page Likes
  3. Post page engagement

Step 3:

Further Optimisation:

We implement

  1. Age segmentation
  2. Placement segmentation


During first 10 days we are seeing the ads gradually reducing however stay stagnated and after age and placement segmentation we are able to further optimise best age group based on click through rate (CTR) and conversions


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