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Facebook and Instagram are known as the most popular and interactive social media platforms that connect users. However, users are not looking up to only friends and families’ updates but they follow their favourites brands closely. 

There are over 80 million small businesses that are already on  Facebook Pages. And with 200 million Instagrammers daily that actively visit business profiles on Instagram. To stay competitive, businesses have to build a strong brand presence.

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Facebook Page is the best platform for you to share business informations, announcements and highlights of promotions or events. Instagram helps businesses to reach wider users and promote new products and services to them. 

With Facebook & Instagram management, it potentially show your content to people looking for businesses like yours.Hence, you should properly plan, create, and optimize Facebook & Instagram content for your business. 


Social Media Strategy

Feel like you’re running out of content for your social feeds? Or do not have the idea or time to manage and update your social media platforms? We pre-planned and create social media content calendar for you to visualize your social content strategy and stay organized across all social channels. We help you plan your social media marketing efforts around important opportunities in your industry. Don’t miss out the chance to promote your business, engage with people and shout out your highlights online!

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A committed team of creative and young Social Media Specialists, having to spend more than 8 hours a day breathing and working on social media platforms.  Consistently coming out with fresh and creative social media ideas. 

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From creating, curate and manage monthly social content and activities including content, creative creations in various format such as image design, gif., slideshow, short animated video and more. At Brewing Hot, we go above and beyond every day to work with our clients in their journey of growing their businesses and brands.

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Prepare for your transformation, an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Let our Ninjas optimize your page and by working together, to create something younique.