How we helped StreetSmart Marketing to
generate highly qualified leads.

The Problem

StreetSmart Marketing is renowned as the #1 resource for marketing training and business development in Australia. As the common online behaviour of potential clients are usually high content consumption and online savvy towards information, leading them towards sales funnel would require certain filtration to ensure conversions are optimum.

AsFacebook Ads agency focused on ROI our solution to this is by creating free business guide giveaway and charge minimum for shipping to ensure only genuine prospect would go into the funnel.

For this campaign, there is 4 main CPC channel which is

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Facebook Video
  3. Linkedin Ads
  4. Youtube Ads

The Results

Within 30 days, we managed to obtain 52 paid conversions to receive the material and significant number of them converted to paid mentoring course.

Total Sign ups 52
Cost Per Sign up $54 AUD
Client ROI within: 30 Days

Our Strategy & Methodology

Step 1:

Creating compelling gifts for business owners

Knowing that potential clients would consume lots of information before converting to paid clients, we compiled all the best advise and case studies and turn it into a irresistible gift for business owners

Step 2:

Create conversion based landing page.

The following step is to create high performing landing page with concise benefits, USP and strong Call To Action (CTA)

Step 3:

Targeting & Ad Copies

In the ads copy variation, we tried few approach such as using “Imagination”, concise benefits, strong USP and highlighting free gifts to ensure message resonates across all the target audience.

Result for this ad was 8.88% click through rate for Newsfeed in Desktop.

Step 4:

Targeting, interest and CPA optimisation.

During the first 15 days of the campaign, average cost per conversion was around $80.

We then try out email custom audience and lookalike audience, and reduce CPA drastically to around $50.

At the same time, we introduced new campaign structure by using website conversion with age segmentation, and with this new structure we were enable to pause non performing age group and focus more on groups that resonates with the offer.


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