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We are group of marketers, data scientist, and growth hackers from all over the world. We are here to challenge the status quo, and the best way is through doing what we are truely good at which is scaling companies the smartest way.

The BrewingHot team love a good cup of coffee and we love brewing up great ideas for friends and our clients. When not in office, you can find us working on our laptops in cozy cafes around the thriving city of Kuala Lumpur!

Gerald ChanFounder | Digital Strategist

Before founding BrewingHot, Gerald was consulting a few global companies such as SmileGate & StreetSmart Matketing (Australia’s #1 business coach) Gerald is passionate about building his team. and believes in entreprenuership for the younger generation

Travis Yang co-Founder | Head of Operations

Travis started creating websites as a hobby during college around 2006. He then learned SEO and delved in Affiliate Marketing. It was during his days as an affiliate marketer that he staterd to optimize his own ad campaigns and websites to achieve ROI for himself.

Georgi Georgiev Programmer

Georgi was involved in a few big projects including a site for National Geographic’s Private Photographers. He enjoys working with code and can work across multiple platforms and frameworks. He aims to become an Evanto Elite Author and create commercial web platforms that enable buyers to reach their digital and business goals.

to work with

  Growth Mindset

We believe growth hacking is not limited to digital marketing, but it’s the universal terms for changing mindset about growing both companies and also personal life. Similarly how Toyota applied “Art of Kaizen” which revolutionised the entire mobile industry and “Art of War” being widely applied for running great companies, it all begin with mindset.

  Pricing model

The traditional agency business model is “broken” and in order to be scale and having great profitability, it’s either done through outsource or productised service. That is the main reason great companies rather build in-house SEO team. And yet, chances for success is rather low and our pricing model is engineered in a way that we can solve this issue.


We never believe that we have the best approach SEO approach, and never will. In order to rank #1 for any keywords, Google deploys more than thousands algorithm and no SEO experts in the world uses same approach to rank #1. Therefore, it is very important for us to learn about the industry and the discovery will help us fast track our client’s result through our experience.


Without good values and characteristic, there will not be great companies. We recruit not just based on skills and experience, but based on their personal values and characteristic as knowledge can be gained from experience, but not their core values!

  Business Goal

We aim to be #1 SEO organization for crypto projects by 2025. To accomplish that goal, we have to be great at what we do, delivering true values to companies and growing future leaders. Therefore, we only work with clients that we truly believe we can grow with.


Proper research allows us to create good strategy, and fast track our clients results. Since we are dealing with different ranking algorithms, strategies without data are purely speculations. Therefore research and data analysis has been our core identity even before we started the SEO agency business.


Our work & the clients we love

Throughout our consulting careers, we have worked with large multinational corporations, mid-sized companies as well as startups. Each client is different, and this made our work more enjoyable, to learn from different industries.

From the World’s Largest Low Cost Airliner to Japanese Fashion Retailers and Gaming Startups, our experience in a wide spectrum of industries allow us to effectively tailor-make an effective SEO solutions, including content marketing.

Take a look at some of our Case Studies and see how we’ve helped them achieve their marketing goals and ROI.

Read about our Case Studies

phonecase.international EndlessPens.com Denimio.com QatarLiving.com


Don’t just take our word for it, Here’s what our clients have to say.

‘I have to say I was impressed! Constant email communication to make sure I was happy with what was provided. Overall a very good service, I would highly recommend them, they are hardworking.’ Lloyd K, United Kingdom

“Travis is super easy to work with, and communicates very well. This is one of the most comfortable and easy service I have every tried. Thumbs up!’ Marcelius, Australia

“Gerald has a high level of marketing skills. His ideas on branding and cohesive marketing strategies are second to none! Having the opportunity to work closely with Gerald on a successful campaign, I fully endorse Gerald as an essential and effective part of any winning team!” Morgan, Australia



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